Quicker than expected

Quicker than expected

Another trip to Germany
On the planning was a weekend hunting in Germany. This time I would leave with Max to our friend Stefan that is doing his internship near Kassel. On Thursday morning Max came to get me, but before our departure we had to saw a few trees. The storm of 18 January had put down a few big trees in our garden which were laying in front of our house in pieces of 5 metres. After 2 hours of work our job was done and after a short shower we began our 3 hour trip to Kassel. Thanks to a national holiday in Germany the roads were clear and at 4 PM we parked our car in front of the cabin from Stefan. Whilst enjoying a cold bear we caught up and after this we got ready for a trip through the hunting grounds. The feeding places had to be refilled and the damage in the wheat fields had to be controlled.

After 2 hours in the field we drove back to the cabin, which is about a 10 minute drive from the hunting ground. At 7 o’clock Stefan’s phone rings, one of the farmers has seen a wild boar while he was spraying the wheat, it walked 30 metres and went down again. He was asking if we could come and have a look. Stefan quickly called the owner of the hunting area which gave us the permission to fix the case. A quick share of thoughts amongst the 3 of us made us drove back the remaining 5 minutes to the cabin, grab the guns to be sure and then go back. We arrived at the cabin and we grabbed the guns from the locker, I grab my ammunition and change my old shoes for my boots. Short trousers with boots, luckily we are in the middle of nowhere, I think by myself when I get in the car again.

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Koen ~ Yesterday the farmer called that there was an injured wild boar in the wheat. We grabbed our guns and went over, after instructions from the farmer we went searching. I was in front when the wild boar suddenly rose 5 metres in front of me. It clearly was ill, so I decided to take the shot, the boar dropped on the spot. A 3-4 year old sow which was hit by a car (according to the broken ribs and bruises) weighing only 25 kilograms. Happy to end the suffering of this animal! #browningeurope #kiteoptics #jagen #jagd #chasse #hunting #hegeabschuss #suffering #action #wildboar #vildsvin #wildschwein #hunter #jakt #hunter #wildlife #accident #wildboarhunting #hoghunt #hoghunting #waidmannsheil

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Stefan hit the gas pedal a little harder and we got out of the Lada Niva a few minutes later. The farmer was already waiting for us and told us the story. Whilst spraying the wheat with his Unimog a wildboar stood up, a weak one that looked ill according to him. 30 metres further it went down again. We took our guns from the car and decided to walk up to the place where the wild boar should be. It was at this moment I hear Stefan curse, he forgot to take his ammunition. Because of the height of the wheat I decide to take my scope of the gun, if I have to take a shot it will be close and fast. We decide to walk with a few metres between us to get a bit more overview. After 30 metres the tension could be felt in the air.  The farmer makes it even more exciting by saying this should be the place. Before finishing his sentence completely a wild boar rises only 5 metres in front of us and starts running. It immediately is clear that this boar is ill and I decide to take the shot. As if hit by lightning the wild boar went down. Because of the short distance and a possible follow up shot we went over. Because of the headshot a follow up did not have to be taken.

In front of us was a 3 to 4-year old sow without piglets and, weighed later on, only 25 kilograms gutted. With the bones clearly visible, this was a good animal to take. While gralloching the wild boar we noticed the internal bleedings and broken ribs. We think, with the road being only 200 metres away from the place I shot, that this boar was hit by a car. I was more than happy to end the suffering of this wild boar. A good start of what later appeared to be a fantastic weekend!

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