Hunting YouTube – Week 5

Hunting YouTube – Week 5

Nowadays a lot of movies can be found on pages like YouTube. Many hunters already started some years ago with making a lot of movies themselves and have many followers.
We are watching them too so we can see how then hunt in other countries and of course to dream about hunts we want to experience ourselves!
We want you to get to know these movies and film makers too so we will share two videos each week.

The first video is one from JagdMomente. It is about a silent driven hunt and high seat hunt on roe deer and wild boar. He was succesful multiple times.


The second movie is one from Max Hunt who is in Germany looking for a black roe buck. They are pretty rare in Germany which makes them a special trophy.

If you want to see more videos, click here for the video’s from last week!
See you next week and enjoy!

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