About us

About us

This website was created by Gert-Jan Nijskens & Koen van Weelden. We met each other at the University of Wageningen where we both study Forest- & Nature Conservation. We have one common passion: hunting. After we went hunting together a few times in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we decided to create an Instagram-account: Hunting Students. This went way better than we hoped for and therefore we created this website.


Koen van Weelden

Koen is from Milsbeek, the Netherlands and is 23 years old. He was raised with hunting as his father is a hunter for the most of his life. Koen has a hunting ground of 70 hectares where the main game species are goose, crows and rabbits. Next to this hunting area he and his father like to go to Germany near the city of Trier to hunt big game like roedeer, wild boar and red deer. When it is possible they make a small trip just over the border to the Reichswald near Kleve to hunt for big game over there. Whenever they have more time they like to go hunting in other countries, Sweden and the Czech republic are their favourites! The thing Koen likes most about hunting, just as Gert-Jan, is to hunt with friends and enjoy nature while hunting!

Gert-Jan Nijskens

Gert-Jan is from Sint-Truiden, Belgium and is 26 years old. He grew up with hunting as this is passed on from generation to generation in his family. Near his hometown his family has two beautiful hunting areas where they mainly hunt small game and roe deer. Gert-Jan also hunts in the Ardennes for big game like red deer and wild boar. Although he wasn't really succesful there yet on those two species ;). He also likes to go hunting with his dad in Poland every now and then. The thing he likes most about hunting is hunting with friends and being away for a while from busy life. Next to hunting Gert-Jan likes to photograph wildlife and other aspects of nature that he finds closeby. Some of his pictures can be found under the tab 'photography'.